Apartments In Dallas, Reasons to Rent Continue to Multiply

Dallas home prices continue to soar, while rent prices are softening, prompting more and more apartment-dwellers to stay put.


Dallas Renters hottest neighborhoods may finally get some much-needed relief. Developers continue to flock to hot neighborhoods in Downtown/Uptown to Addison. In fact, these neighborhoods comprise about half of the 10,000 new units expected to deliver in the Dallas metro area in 2015. However, the pace of new supply is beginning to outpace demand, and competition for tenants is heating up. Because of this, vacancy rates in Downtown/Uptown and Addison shot up by 10.2 percent and 9.3 percent year over year, respectively. Meanwhile, rent prices in these neighborhoods have increased by only 3 percent and 2 percent, respectively — far below the citywide average increase of 6 percent.  For bargain hunters, move-in incentives are on the rebound as well. In Downtown/Uptown and Addison, 60 percent of apartments built since 2014 are offering prospective residents one-month of free rent on at least one floor plan.  Stiff competition is forcing developers to get creative and triggering a spike in studio construction. In the frenzy of new supply, developers have been upping the ante on amenities in order to set their properties apart from ever-growing competition. Anyone who’s seen Uptown’s terraced infinity pool with views of the Rockies and the downtown skyline can attest to this. But with affordability becoming a growing concern, some developers are taking a different approach. Taylor Residential at RiNo building is on track to be completed by mid-2016, and more than half of its 270 units will be studios, targeting 20-somethings who would otherwise be priced out of new buildings in the Downtown area. RMM & Taylor partnership’s conversion of the former VQ Hotel in West Dallas is set to open this Fall and employs a similar strategy — 168 of the building’s 179 units will be 339-square foot studios. The mere size of these units is representative of yet another trend emerging both in Dallas and nationwide. Not only are developers building more studios than ever before; they’re also making them smaller. By shifting their focus to studio construction, and building smaller, more creatively-spaced units, developers are able to provide prospective renters with the location and building attributes they want, at a price they can better afford.

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Dallas City Guide

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To Eat:

  • Javier’s
  • Neighborhood Services
  • Mi Cocina
  • Shin Sei
  • Toulouse
  • Le Bilboquet
  • Hatties
  • The Mansion
  • Lark on the Park
  • Hopdoddy

To Drink:

  • The Mansion
  • Corner Bar
  • Cigar Lounge at Javier’s
  • Inwood Tavern
  • Monkey Bar
  • 31 Lounge
  • Old Monk
  • Standard Pour
  • SoSo’s
  • Kung Fu Saloon

To Shop:

  • Neiman Marcus Flagship
  • Highland Park Village
  • NorthPark Mall
  • 4510
  • Elements Boutique

To See:

  • Highland Park Village
  • Klyde Warren Park
  • JFK Museum
  • Cowboys Stadium
  • Perot Museum
  • Nasher Sculpter Center

To Stay:

  • The Mansion Hotel
  • The Joule
  • The Ritz Carlton
  • The Rosewood Crescent

To Brunch:

  • Taverna
  • Le Bilboquet
  • Bistro 31
  • Company Cafe
  • Villa O
  • Toulouse

To Work-Out:

  • Terlingo Indoor Cycling
  • Cycle, Run, or Walk along the Katy Trail
  • Cycle, Run, or Walk along White Rock Lake
  • Learn More
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Core Purpose Of Hiring Any Movers

IMG_4371-8Core Purp0se Of Hiring Any Movers

What does a simple three letter word like why really mean? Why does it matter? Although simple by most accounts asking yourself “why” in business should be the cornerstone for your business’s existence.

RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE® recently re-looked at this question in hopes of refreshing our core purpose. Why do we do what we do? Why is RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE® in business? Several years back, our organization asked this question and came up with our original core purpose: “To be a role model in our industry”. This was fitting at the time. When you think moving, movers or the moving industry, it doesn’t necessarily conger up warm and fuzzy thoughts.  Unfortunately, our industry is rife with unlicensed groups trying to take advantage of others.  So back then, to be a role model was definitely something to shoot for in helping to overcome this perception. Over the past several months, we have re-looked at our brand, our vision and our purpose.  It was evident our purpose was missing the human element of what we do.

We looked at what our staff does every day. We looked at the community outreach that is so important to us, and the locations that give back as part of their daily efforts. We looked at our customers and what they say about our service (yes even when things don’t go as planned), and finally, we looked at where we want to take this brand.  We realize each and every day that we have an opportunity to make someone’s day and get them through a potentially tough situation. Let’s face it, moving is not easy and is typically full of emotions that elevate our stress levels.  Our job at RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE® is to pull up each day to someone’s driveway or business and put a smile on their face, reduce this stress and make the move go as smoothly as possible, no matter what the customer’s situation.

But our brand is much more than just customer service.  The growth we have experienced and the positive service metrics we receive are a testament to that. This reflects our old purpose and through the early years of taking care of customers one move at a time, we lived up to that purpose. As we have evolved and grown and where our company is today, it is much more than just the customer experience. It is also the experience within our organization, the passion of our employees, the sheer number of people whom may have started as a mover or customer service representative that are now business owners as franchisees.

This is energizing and really shapes the passion that exists under this brand!

Through a purpose exercise it hit us smack dab between the eyes. We wake up every day truly to move people forward. Whether it’s our customers, communities, employees or the general public; our driving passion is to leverage our brand to help people progress and this will continue to fuel our drive to grow and continue to build a sustainable brand for future generations to come.

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Nick Foster Founder


Making Moving Memorable For Your Children

 Leaving the familiar can be tough on the psyche for anyone, but for a child it can be traumatic. The only bedroom they’ve ever known might be what they are letting go, so identifying ways to ensure your child’s experience is a positive one is easier than you might expect.

Our Movers are encouraged to meet the child at his or her level, while still working. Once a kid feels comfortable with the people who are hired to move the family, the anxiety is diffused and the child is more apt to join in the adventure.

Here are five key thoughts to consider if you’re moving with small ones:

1) Harness the good in change, and frame the move as a grand adventure. Plan a fun event after the move is complete. Go to the movies or go camping (camping inside or in the backyard is always an option too and doesn’t cost much.)

2) Remove the unknown by planning ahead. Keep the move a daily topic, especially as the move nears. You’ll pick up on anxiety triggers allowing you to head off potential issues.

3) Pack special toys in a carry-on that never leaves the child’s side. Keeping their favorite things close is a sure-fire way to curry comfort and reduce anxiety.

4) Make introductions to strangers on move day.

5) Take advantage of opportunities to be inclusive with your children. Many kids just want to have place in the process. There are opportunities abound that give them a role while keeping them out of the fray. Ensure their special tasks are safe but rewarding.

If you and your chosen Movers handle your children’s experience with TLC, your move will be memorable for all the right reasons.

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New Home Renovations to Consider

 After the selling, buying, and moving processes are over, you can sometimes find yourself living in a new house that feels a bit foreign. Renovation projects provide you with the perfect opportunity to make the most of your creative skills while transforming your house into a home. Here are 10 popular renovation projects you can undertake to add some personality and style to your new house:

Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring gives your home a distinctive mark of elegance and sophistication. Visit one of the large hardware stores near you and get a lesson from an expert. Not to mention that hardwood flooring is an investment that increases the value of your home if you have to move again in the future. It is also easier to keep clean, especially if you have pets.

Accentuate the Kitchen

Remove the knobs from the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Replace them with knobs that are more your style. Back-splash tiles can also take any kitchen from drab to beautiful. Just visit your local hardware store and make your kitchen the center of attention in your new house!

Replace Kitchen Faucet

Style and function are important to you in the kitchen, and the right faucet can make a big difference in both. A faucet that has a high arch lets you put large pots under it so you can scrub them easily. A graceful shape complements your kitchen area as well.

Install Medallions on the Ceiling

Unless your new home has plaster moldings, you can replicate the elegant look with plastic. They are lightweight and easy to install, and they give your home a distinctive and aristocratic look.

Upgrade the Mudroom-If There Is One

Laminate flooring is, by design, perfect for the rooms of the house that are subjected to more dirt and water than others. By prepping the floor and following other recommended procedures, laminate flooring makes a beautiful floor, and it is less expensive than hardwood. You can also install it yourself with little hassle.

Install Stepping Stones to Your Door

Find some round or square stones at your local store, or buy a bag of quick-setting concrete mix. Use your old cake pans or your child’s plastic toys as forms, and paint them when they are dry. This also works in the summer, make a stone path from the pool to the porch to avoid grass and mud getting into the pool.

Spruce Up Your Bathrooms

Older homes often have a small mirror in the bathroom. However, you can easily update your bathroom by replacing it with a mirror that covers the entire wall, making the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. You also may want to purchase a vanity or shelf so that you have something to store your make-up, medications, and toiletries in.

Upgrade Your Shower Heads

Replace an old shower head with a large, luxurious one. Find one that conserves water but still creates a wide spray. Or, you may want to purchase a shower head that features a pulsing massage. Your bathroom should be your oasis.

Replace Switch Plate

Armed with only a screwdriver, you can remove the old plates and install new ones. You can choose the same color for all plates or adapt your choice to match each room. Stores now have a verity of colors and characters to choose from.

Buy a Bucket of Paint

Nothing improves the overall appearance of a home more than fresh paint. Start with the room that needs it the most. If there’s a room without windows, you may want to choose a light color to instantly brighten the space. Make sure to plug a fan in and blow the fumes out.

There are many renovation possibilities for your new home, and all it takes is a little bit of dedication and some elbow grease to make a new house truly feel like home.
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Permanently Conquer Your Clutter!

 Within your home exists a growing danger; a threat to your peace and well-being. It silently increases size while you choose to completely ignore it. Residing in the darkest and least memorable corner of your home, it waits for you to walk past and obliviously feed it.

For most people, there’s a corner in their basement, or extra room, that’s a hangout for all things lost and forgotten. We conveniently call this “storage space” and are cautious our guests remain unaware of its existence. If we aren’t careful, it could turn into some hideous creature from a Stephen King novel. But wait, don’t get the flamethrower out just yet … I have a solution for us.

Hear me out … the only actual storage taking place here happens when you throw things into the plethora of cardboard boxes left behind from your move. So the only solution is to do something with these boxes (other than igniting them).

I’ve started listing ways to reuse these boxes.

1. Use leftover cardboard as a backing frame for a poster or photograph, just make sure the boxes aren’t wet or damaged.

2. Hang the cardboard on a wall at your next party and let friends draw on it (it’s a big hit with kids birthdays).

3. Two words: Box Fort/Maze. Kids love them, and you’ll be confident, they can play inside while you tidy up.

4. Build a lemonade stand with the kids. Teach them how to make money at a young age and they will remember it.

5.Cant beat summer heat? Cool off your car while you’re away by placing unfolded boxes on your windshield. (Have the kids draw on them and show them off in the parking lot)

6. Do you have a leaky vehicle that creates a mess in your garage? Place a section of the box under the leak to contain the spill (and then take it into the shop!).

7. Cardboard, decorative duct tape, and a good pair of scissors are all you need to make these drink coasters.

8. Cardboard makes great furniture sliders when you want to rearrange the room.

9. Cardboard is a sturdy yet composable material, which makes it a natural solution for a weed problem. Just place flat pieces of cardboard on your weed-prone area, watering thoroughly to help them stay put. When you’re done, add soil or mulch on top to camouflage the cardboard. And vuala, no more pesky weeds.


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6 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter!


The winter months are around the corner, so it’s time to get your home into top shape for the seasonal swap. Luckily, the Local Dallas Movers have a few expert tips on prepping your home for winter. Let’s get ready for the chilly months and bid adieu to summer for a few months!

Clean out drainage spouts and gutters. winter means a lot of rainfall for many areas, so you want to make sure that rainfall can clearly flow away from your roof in the winter showers. Before cleaning them out, however, be sure to protect yourself by wearing gloves—animals and insects may be living in the leaves that pile in the gutters/drainage. Flush out the downspout with a standard garden hose.

Inspect the roof. Roof problems can cause serious problems throughout the majority of your home, so you want to inspect it and make sure that everything is still in working shape. Deteriorated pieces or rotten shingles need to be replaced and branches that loom over the roof should be trimmed.

Clean your HVAC. Replace filters and ensure that everything is in proper working order. It doesn’t hurt to have an expert HVAC technician come inspect and make sure that there are no problems. Winter mean you’ll likely be cranking up the heat, so you don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises. Install a carbon monoxide detector to monitor any occurrence of the toxin in your air supply.

Check windows and doors. Remove screens and install storm windows if you haven’t already. Be sure weather stripping is up to date and that caulking around the windows is still solid. If you see signs of moisture around the windows you need to call a specialist and have them inspect your home for leakage or possible mold growth.

Check smoke detectors. You should do this periodically to ensure they are in working order. Press the button to make sure that it beeps, and replace the batteries if you need to. As a rule, smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years, and batteries should be swapped out every six months.

Patch up any cracks. Your home can be seen by other living things as a place for shelter, so it is important that you inspect the perimeter of your home and seal any cracks in the foundation. Clean and lubricate garage door rollers, tracks and hinges to prevent them from stalling. Seal any holes or cracks around the home and If you see feces, footprints, or smell urine odor you need to consult an exterminator.

These are just a few of many tips found on our website Reliable Mover’s & More