Meeting New Neighbors

  Moving can be a stressful and scary time for anyone, especially if you are moving to an unfamiliar place. Not only are you packing up your entire house and exhausted from the actual move, but you’re also away from friends and family. It can be scary trying to find a new support system, but luckily, they could be living right next door!

Now I know not everyone is friendly, but here are some tips to turn anyone into a neighborhood socialite.

1)      Spend time outside. Now that it is finally starting to look like summer, turn off the TV and spend time outdoors. Do some yard work, if you’re not the green thumb type, try going for a walk. If it’s a nice day people are sure to be out and about.

2)      Go to neighborhood events. Many neighborhoods have organizations or groups where the community can get together and discuss relevant news in the area. Some trendy areas are even getting away from the typical neighborhood watch or real estate development groups and are developing recreational clubs. Even if you are not the athletic type it could still be worthwhile to attend games and meet new people.

3)      Host a cocktail party. Instead of having a typical housewarming party, think about throwing a neighborhood cocktail party. This sounds more exciting and less of a ploy to receive gifts. A cocktail party also allows you to spend time actually socializing instead of making sure guests have enough to eat. If you don’t have time to throw an actual party, why not think about a cocktail hour. This can be as simple as sitting on your porch, after a long day at work, with a drink and inviting people to come over with their favorite beverage.  This is a relaxed way to really bond with your neighbors.

4)      Welcome to the neighborhood gifts. Now that you have met all your great neighbors, make sure you welcome new people into the neighborhood. You were once in their shoes, and if they aren’t reading this blog they might not be such an expert. A couple days after they move in, go over to introduce yourself and bring something with you.
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