Excuses For Clutter? Get Rid Of It!

  For some people, letting go of something is really tough. When they have more stuff than they can store, it can lead to some interesting conversations about why they want to hang on to things.

There are three common reasons we hear for wanting to keep items that are no longer used or loved. If you hear yourself saying any of these things about items you don’t use or love, I encourage you to think twice about keeping them.

 1. I paid a lot for that! You know what? You may have paid a lot, but the money’s gone. And the only way you might get any of it back is to sell the item or donate it and take a tax deduction. What’s more, there are hidden costs to keeping it: you probably beat yourself up when you see it, so there’s an emotional cost. If you trip over it, you could hurt yourself and pay a physical price, and they’re not cheap. Don’t be a pack rat, get rid of it.

2.  I might need it some day. You’re right, you might. But then again you might not. And if you can’t find it when you need it, then keeping it doesn’t do you much good. I think we all live in fear of discarding something and then discovering that we need it. It makes us feel stupid. But realistically, what’s the worse-case scenario? You get another one.

3. It was a gift. Gifts are tough. You hate to disappoint the gift giver by getting rid of something given in love. But, again, if you have more stuff than you can store, wouldn’t the gift giver prefer that you let it go? Re-gift it. Donate it. Just get it into the hands of someone who will actually use or love it. It gets even more tricky when the gift giver has passed away. But that unloved and unused gift won’t bring them back. Perhaps you have a mutual friend or family member who would treasure that item. If so, pass it along. It boils down to this: Just because someone gave you something doesn’t mean you have to hold on to it forever. Family air-looms are a little tricky, but they are usually included in this as well. Example: You don’t want a dirty coin that you grandpa gave you from 10 generations back. It may be cool to look at, but honestly, what can you do with it?

When you’re trying to clean up, try not to fall into the trap of these excuses for keeping stuff you really don’t need. Once you let the excess go, you’ll feel liberated. You’ll have more space, and you might be able to breathe a little too.

Some perks about getting rid of clutter are:

  1. Clean Home
  2. Better Health
  3. Appliances Last Longer-Less Dirt In The House
  4. Make Money On Items You No Longer Use
  5. Burn Calories
  6. It Feels Good. Your house is cleaner and you’re more relaxed.

If you need help hauling off unwanted items, be sure to choose RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE.


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