Permanently Conquer Your Clutter!

 Within your home exists a growing danger; a threat to your peace and well-being. It silently increases size while you choose to completely ignore it. Residing in the darkest and least memorable corner of your home, it waits for you to walk past and obliviously feed it.

For most people, there’s a corner in their basement, or extra room, that’s a hangout for all things lost and forgotten. We conveniently call this “storage space” and are cautious our guests remain unaware of its existence. If we aren’t careful, it could turn into some hideous creature from a Stephen King novel. But wait, don’t get the flamethrower out just yet … I have a solution for us.

Hear me out … the only actual storage taking place here happens when you throw things into the plethora of cardboard boxes left behind from your move. So the only solution is to do something with these boxes (other than igniting them).

I’ve started listing ways to reuse these boxes.

1. Use leftover cardboard as a backing frame for a poster or photograph, just make sure the boxes aren’t wet or damaged.

2. Hang the cardboard on a wall at your next party and let friends draw on it (it’s a big hit with kids birthdays).

3. Two words: Box Fort/Maze. Kids love them, and you’ll be confident, they can play inside while you tidy up.

4. Build a lemonade stand with the kids. Teach them how to make money at a young age and they will remember it.

5.Cant beat summer heat? Cool off your car while you’re away by placing unfolded boxes on your windshield. (Have the kids draw on them and show them off in the parking lot)

6. Do you have a leaky vehicle that creates a mess in your garage? Place a section of the box under the leak to contain the spill (and then take it into the shop!).

7. Cardboard, decorative duct tape, and a good pair of scissors are all you need to make these drink coasters.

8. Cardboard makes great furniture sliders when you want to rearrange the room.

9. Cardboard is a sturdy yet composable material, which makes it a natural solution for a weed problem. Just place flat pieces of cardboard on your weed-prone area, watering thoroughly to help them stay put. When you’re done, add soil or mulch on top to camouflage the cardboard. And vuala, no more pesky weeds.



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