This one is going to be a long one. Not long in words but with big long picture lists so I apologize if the page takes a while to load. I was going to cover everything in a few separate posts but figured it would be tedious for you to have to flip to different posts to find everything that is pertaining to this topic.

After I finally figured out my capsule wardrobe for spring/summer (through that long tedious process) I began to wonder how well it would translate into packing for trips. I am not a huge, get super-fancy dressed up type of person and my wardrobe reflects that. I wanted to be able to come up with a packing list that gives me easy day options to-night options. Or as I like to think of it day/casual with the ability to dress it up and take it to-night time if the need arises. I chose a 10 day list because 7 seemed too short to test my wardrobe’s versatility, but 10 seemed to be long enough come up with 10 different day outfits that could easily be changed to-night by swapping shoes and/or accessories, a purse, and fancier hair-do.

This ten-day packing list that I came up with basically gives you 20 outfits with the ability to make more if needed and it is all completed with 20 pieces in the carry-on plus what you wear on the plane. I planned it out so the bulkier, heavier items are to be worn on the plane to make sure it all fits in the carry-on. The plane outfit consists of jeans, tank, pullover, jacket, hat, necklace, boots, watch, sunglasses, and a purse. In the carry- on are 4 tops, cardigan, blazer, 2 dresses, 2 pants, scarf, 3 necklaces, a hat, a dressier purse, and 4 pairs of shoes. Make sure to have at least one pair of dressy shoes for night wear, and if you decided to pack a hat make sure that it is one that will survive being placed in a suitcase. I learned the hard way that straw hats do not pack well.

Ugh. I was having some major issues with my paths on Photoshop. They weren’t transferring through in jpg format, so I had to go back in and try to get them in there. One ended up with thick lines and one with thin somewhat broken ones. This is why I need a Photoshop course. Big Time. Oh well, I am learning as I go I guess and they turned out somewhat okay.

Links to all the items (or similar since they come out of my closet) are listed below the lists.

                         From Day

Packing List Day Outfits

                         To NightPacking List Night Outfits



                The Packing ListPacking List


You will also need at least 2 sets of pyjamas, and underwear, bras, socks, and whatever other underthings you need to have with you.

Pullover | Black Tank | Jacket | Dark Denim | Hat 1 | Boots | Necklace 1 | Watch | Purse

Grey Tank | White Tee | Baseball Tee | Blouse | Oversized Cardigan

Blazer | Black Dress | Maxi | Distressed Denim | Leather Pants (faux)

Scarf (similar) | Necklace 2 (similar) | Necklace 3 (similar) | Necklace 4 | Hat 2 | Dressy Purse

Sandals | Booties | Converse | Flats

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