New ⨀✔ Beginnings to a New Year New You, {Secret Inside} Best Life Tips To Share and… #1£:~})+>~

 Will you survive long enough and make enough money to live forever when the technology arrives?
Ask yourself this every morning!!! Your mind is something that will be able to be uploaded onto another platform are you someone that is living a life towards this goal or away from it. Join us on our quest to forever and today can be the start!!! 
2016 Starts Better Diet/ Habits for your current body to last until full regeneration cells are created or ( complete mind uploads which transfer current mindfulness to another object whether being partly your original or completely different). I feel this is something the western populations needs to focus on we will accomplish this task at the current rate before the year 2075 59yrs away. Can you last? Challenge yourself everyday to your health and fitness goals.
We will forever dominate the surroundings if we stand as one. I am but a guiding light to a unstoppable force of the human species.
Nicholas S. Foster 
Brain Child Of RMM Acquisitions 

12/01/2016 12:34 am Central Standard Time. ( Earth ).          Specialty Moving, Storage, Delivery Service & More BOOK OR GET MY FREE QOUTE NOW


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