Moving Tips

A move should be planned out to protect your stuff and save time.

Moving can be an exciting time yet a difficult time. Some people are moving up to better places, others are making lateral moves and some are downgrading. Whichever is the case, one must start planning out their moving process. Waiting to you sign the lease of the new place or the final week at your old place is not the time to start packing and organizing. Give yourself an early start.

Here are some things to do when you are looking at starting to pack:


-Give yourself 30-60 days out from the time you need to be out. This will give you plenty of time to fully do your packing right to the point it’s not just throwing things in boxes and figuring out later. Many times, we wait to the 11th hour to get packed and then spend weeks and months trying to find stuff that we need at the new place. Most times, one knows when they will be moving so exercise time management and discipline with this.


-Look at things you know are not using, those should be packed first. These could be kitchen appliances, art work, furniture, seasonal clothes-shoes, books, linens and more. This allows you to make progress in your packing. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t like you were planning on finally reading some of those books just now or willing to use that kitchen appliance.  


-Cook out your pantry and freezer. Many times we have surplus food items that we meant to cook but never got around to it. This helps saves money. Cook out the pantry and freezer, try new recipes and guess what, less stuff to pack and take with you. Limit your grocery purchases to necessities only. Whatever that is perishable that is left over when it’s time to move either pack in coolers with ice or give away to neighbors.


-Alert your utility companies of your intention of moving out so utilities are disconnected immediately after you leave. Don’t wait as this can impact you on getting new service started and use this time to ask questions about if they are servicing your new home and if so you can transfer your services.


-Consider giving away to charity unwanted items such as furniture you really don’t want nor need, clothing and other items. This is a good tax write off and makes less stuff to pack. This is a great time to start going through your closets to look at old clothes and shoes that you have outgrown (yes, we know they shrunk) or just out of style.


-Make it your point to spend an hour to 90 minutes daily packing. Label the boxes with the room and general description of items.  


-Reserve your moving truck NOW! Weekends especially in warm months are tough to find moving trucks, everyone is using them. Book early so you are covered. Get a larger truck than a smaller truck so you make fewer trips.  


-Review your current lease to see if you are entitled to get your security deposit back. Inquire about this and make sure you are in compliance.


-Stock up on boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other moving supplies. Start seeking out helpers (if you will use friends or family) or look at a moving company.  


-Do you have a garage or storage unit full of junk? What about stuff in the attic? Check these places and toss out that junk and keep what you need. Depending on what you have, hold a yard sale. Check your local ordinances to see requirements for such (some cities limit the days and times one can be held, how it’s promoted and whatnot).


-During the last week, have a detailed cleaning week. Dust, mop, sweep vacuum and detail clean the place so on your last day, all you need to do is a basic sweeping and light mopping and you are done. Granted the landlord will have their own people come clean it again but never leave your place messy.


– Make sure you are able to get EVERYTHING out. Don’t assume that the landlord will not come by the next day or a few hours later after your departure time. Anything left behind could be kept by them or discarded as junk. Your stuff, your responsibility!


These basic nuggets of wisdom are things to keep in mind to make sure you are using your time wisely and not finding yourself frantic the week of or the day before the move. Take your time and do it right. Protect your stuff and keep your sanity. Out with the old, in with the new, let’s not spend weeks and months unpacking and sorting at the new place. You want to enjoy your new environment.

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