Changing your home without forgetting your head. Prologue of a (crazy) move/ Traslocare senza perdere la testa (o dimenticarla nella vecchia casa!). Prologo di un (bizzarro) trasloco

Moving could represent a need, a choice, a great and exciting idea, fresh air in your life – but it could also reveal an unexpected side and a real training for your body and mind. Here’s my personal –  and a bit crazy- experience.  It is never too early to start preparing your baggage and boxes, because the last […]



Plan or no Plan? Christmas Decor Edition

Moving into my new home, a lot of things have changed including my Christmas decoration plan.  Upon realizing that my carefully planned decorations schematic that I keep in my head would forever be changed, I realized some people might not have a plan.  Crazy right?! So, which group do you fit into during the holidays? Group […]


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3 Next-Gen House-Hunting Tips

Just because you are buying a house on your own doesn’t mean you have to face the process alone. The American household has changed — big time. More people are marrying later in life, if at all. Some are going from coupled-up to solo and back again multiple times throughout their lives, while others prefer […]


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20 Tips for Saving Money Over The Holidays!

#1. Running up balances on high-interest credit cardsThis habit especially applies for frivolous purchases or shopping sprees around the holiday season when it’s all too easy to get carried away. Credit cards can put you on a hamster wheel where making minimum payments barely nibbles at the balance.
Among the worst offenders are department store credit cards. The Kohl’s credit card carries a 23.99% APR, and the Sears MasterCard has a jaw-dropping, eye-popping 25.24% APR. And this, of course, doesn’t include late fees.

#2. Throwing money away on layaway

While layaway might seem like the sensible way to hold onto an object come holiday time, it’s not always the smart way to net savings. That’s because layaway locks you into a certain price and — if financed by a credit card — additional interest charges.
Also, as the holidays draw closer, stores start rolling out promotions that knock anywhere from 30 to 50 percent off early prices. If you put those items on layaway in September or October, you’re committed to that initial retail price and miss out on the promotions.

#3. Trying to time the stock market

When stocks are on the rise, it’s tempting to think that you’re smart enough to know when to get in and get out to make a killing. But the experts say it’s nearly impossible to do this correctly every single time.
“You have to be right twice — you have to get out at the right time, and then you have to get back in at the right time,” said Ken Weber, president of Weber Asset Management and author of “Dear Investor, What the HELL are You Doing?”
#4. Ignoring refurbished goods

It’s easy to dismiss refurbished electronics as rejects or factory failures. The truth is, many items are returned for the dumbest reasons — such as “I don’t like the color” — and are still subjected to rigorous retesting by manufacturers.
Electronics guru Kyle Wiens at iFixit.com sings the praises of refurbished items. He’s bought refurbished laptops “from my second computer at least, and I think I’ve gone through seven MacBook Pro equivalents over the years.” And the difference in price between refurbished and new usually starts at 15 percent off.

#5. Closing the box on ‘open box’ savings

It’s a great idea to shop online marketplaces such as eBay to see if a vendor has cheaper, brand new “open box” versions of products, which are returned items that are “inspected by the retailer, found to be in working order, and re-sold at discount, rather than returned to the manufacturer,” according to Consumer Reports. The eBay merchant Microresellers — which has a perfect five-star rating on the site — has contributed an informative post on how to find these deals.
“Open Box items offer the best deals on eBay, but they may also present the most risk,” the post noted. “That risk can be minimized with a little common sense and good buying practices.” So, always check the seller’s rating. It’s best to find someone at or near 100 percent positive feedback after thousands of transactions.
#6. Forgetting your company’s employee stock purchase plan

Your company’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan typically works by payroll deduction, with the company converting the money into shares every six months at a 15 percent discount. “If you immediately liquidate those shares every time they’re delivered, it’s like getting a guaranteed 15 percent rate of return,” said Dave Yeske, managing director at the wealth management firm Yeske Buie.
#7. Paying full price for gas

Even though gas prices are somewhat low, you might not be taking advantage of three free ways to drive the bill down further, such as rewards cards. BP has a Driver Rewards loyalty card — not a credit card — that shaves money off the price at the pump, as does Shell with its Fuel Rewards card. And the free GasBuddy app still ranks as the best for finding the lowest gas prices in your driving area.
8. Paying full price for everything

With a plethora of bargain sites ranging from Groupon to DealNews, it’s a wonder why people shop at department stores or malls and pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on anything. Take advantage of coupon and deal sites to keep more money in your wallet year-round.

#9. Paying sales tax

Sales tax can get very expensive in places such as Chicago where it’s a hefty 10.25 percent — the highest in the country, reports Fortune. But thankfully, some online vendors don’t charge a dime for sales tax. Although there are multiple bills in the works to “close the loophole that allows consumers to skip out on paying sales tax on [online] purchases,” TIME Money reported that “online shoppers won’t be forced into paying sales tax anytime soon.”

#10. Not having a shopping accountability partner

One big problem with holiday shopping is the lack of accountability when we’re hauling the bags and digging the deals. Spouses can do each other a favor by serving as accountability partners and asking questions such as, “What’s being spent, and spent wisely? How’s the budget holding up?” The idea here is not to play Holiday Police, but to praise your sweetie when goals are met — and gently steer things back when they drift off course.
Read: 40 Ways to Save Money Over the Holidays

#11. Not shopping ahead for 2016

The worst time to buy Halloween paraphernalia is in the month before, and the worst time to buy winter gear is in the winter. So, why not buy your fall clothes for 2016 right now, when they’re “past season” and stores are eager to dump ’em to make way for the high-priced stuff? Buying items one to three seasons behind their price peak guarantees you’ll get a bargain.

#12. Impulse shopping

It’s tempting to spend money on impulse buys when you’re caught up in the passion of sales galore. But you wouldn’t want to come home from the supermarket with a 20-pound cheese wheel you bought on a whim, right? Think long and hard about what you need before you head out and stand by that list.
You should take advantage of sales as they pop up but tally all your projected expenses for the season and set a budget for each category. Holiday fruitcakes, by the way, go under the category “lethal projectiles.”

#13. Not taking advantage of your company’s 401k match

A 2014 analysis of more than 3.5 million employees eligible for defined contribution plans — such as the 401k — by human capital and management consulting services firm Aon Hewitt found that nearly 40 percent of 20- to 29-year-olds and 31 percent of 30- to 39-year-olds save at levels below the company match threshold.
The analysis provides an example of how this move can cost these workers money over time:

“Consider a 25-year-old worker who makes $30,000 annually and works for an employer that provides a typical company match: $1-for-$1 up to 6 percent. If that 25-year-old starts saving the full match amount of 6 percent immediately upon employment and continues to do so until she reaches age 65, she’ll have close to $1 million saved in her 401k.”

And if they don’t? Kiss that cool million goodbye.

#14. Lacking a clearly defined plan

From shopping trips to investment moves, it’s futile to sweep the numbers under the rug and hope for the best. You need a plan to get the most of your money and avoid costly errors.
“Whether it’s for retirement, education, excess wealth or any other portfolio, first determine a specific goal,” said Peter Mallouk, chief investment officer of Creative Planning and author of The New York Times bestseller “The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them.” “Everything else flows from that purpose,” he said.

#15. Tapping into your retirement fund for extra money

Dipping into your retirement fund to finance emergencies is one thing — financing a kitchen renovation or taking a cruise with your retirement dough is another. The penalties are stiff coming and going if you take a distribution from your IRA before age 59 1/2. On the front end, you might have to pay a tax penalty of 10 percent with the money also considered taxable income. And on the back end, that money is no longer compounding for you. That $10,000 you took out could have amounted to a six-digit loss over three or more decades.

#16. Spending too much while eating out

Sure, you don’t know how to make Thai food and don’t feel like cooking dinner. But consider how that attitude drains your wallet over time. Say you eat out for lunch five times a week and spend $15 on each meal. That’s $3,900 you spend a year. By eating out for lunch just two times a week instead of five, you save $2,340.
Flickr / Jamie McCaffrey

#17. Not inflating your tires properly

There are many ways to waste money when it comes to your car, and this is one. Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent, according to FuelEconomy.gov. Imagine that: A little bit of air keeps gas prices from inflating.

#18. Confusing needs and wants

Whether you’re looking for discretionary cash or more investment funds, it’s too easy in the budgeting process to overlook places where you blow your dough. But, you need to understand what is a need and what is a want. “It’s amazing when I work through the numbers that some people think manicures, landscapers and maids are a need,” said Michael Chadwick, CEO of Chadwick Financial.

#19. Giving to wasteful charities

The winter holidays bring out the best in people, but charities shouldn’t be painted with a broad brush, as some make much better use of your donations than others. A good first step is to check out a non-profit at the Charity Navigator website, which breaks down the particulars for thousands of products.

#20. Gambling

Gambling is an epidemic in this country, and compulsive gambling is a very real disorder affecting an estimated an estimated 2.5 million adults in the U.S., according to Rehab International. But the simple fact of the matter is that casinos and gambling parlors aren’t built because people win more than they lose. In every table game from blackjack to roulette, the odds are against you.

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Pre Moving Tips For A Great Move

Sponsored by Reliable Movers & More
Pre Moving Tips To Put You Ahead
A Checklist for Before and After You’ve Moved
Please take advantage of our moving tips and moving advice. Print this page and carry it with you before and several days after the move. Moving tips that may seem obvious can be easily over looked. Take our moving advice and utilize this checklist before and after you have moved.

•Take Notes
•Make a note of your drivers number and keep it with you in case you need to call your mover with questions about your shipment.
•Get the Bed Ready
Designate one drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so that you won’t have to rummage through boxes for these essentials the first night in your new home.
•Don’t forget about the Fridge
After you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried the inside of your refrigerator, put a handful of fresh coffee, baking soda or charcoal in a sock or nylon stocking and place it inside to keep the interior smelling fresh.
•Keep the Phone Book
Take your current phone book with you. You may need to make calls to residents or businesses back in your former hometown.
•Pack Heavy – Pack Light
Pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.
•Give out your Number
Before the van foreman leaves for your destination residence, give him a phone number where you can be reached. It is also a good idea to provide him with an alternate contact in case you can’t be reached.
•Protect Your Memories
If it’s irreplaceable, take it with you in the car (you don’t want regrets later). But if you do decide to pack framed photos or art, place sheets or blankets between them for added protection.
•Know how to Pack Plates and Records
Plates and record albums should be packed on end vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked.
•Remember the Bare Necessities
Toilet paper, telephone, toiletries, snacks, coffee (and pot), soap, flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pans, paper towels, and cleaning supplies are some of the essentials you may need upon arrival at your new home. Pack a box with these types of items and ask your van foreman to load it last so that it will be unloaded first.
•Unscrew Bulbs
Remove bulbs before packing your lamps.
•Tag your Items
For your garage sale, tag all items and be prepared to wheel and deal. Garage sale gurus love to haggle.
•Give the Kids an Exercise
Have children write their names and new address on the cartons from their rooms so they can become familiar with their new street and town.
•Help your Pet Relax
Keep your pet calm and away from all the activity on moving day by arranging for a friend to watch him at their house.
•Be Nice to Your Plants
When moving plants to your new residence via your car, try not to let foliage rest against the windows, as the leaves will scorch.
•Take a Break from the Computer
Upon arrival at your new home, let your computer “acclimate” itself to room temperature before plugging it in.
•Enjoy the Help
Leave the rest to the professionals, sit back and relax, and look forward to the new opportunities, friends and experiences that are part of any move. Be sure to get a good night’s rest before the pickup and delivery days!

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Fun Things To Do Before The Cold

White rock paddle co.

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We all know that feeling you get when Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?” It’s a mixture of shame, worthlessness and guilt with a hint of twisted pride sprinkled on top.   We have come up with the list of fun things to do in Dallas that will surely get you out of the house and make you fall in love with the Big D all over again.  There are some things on this list that you’ve definitely never heard of, and then there are some old favorites in here that you’ve always known about but just need another push to go out and re-experience them.  So, if you’re looking for a cure to your JadedandBoredDallasitus*,  just take a few of these and call us in the morning.

*a medical term



Location: Uptown to Downtown via McKinney
Price: FREE
When: 7 days

We suggest starting with some sensible day-drinking and then going for a free ride throughout uptown and downtown on these fully-restored, old-school street cars. The trolley cars are heated during the winter months and air-conditioned during the rest of the year for nice comfortable ride. Nothing quite like some free, chauffeured sight-seeing on a any day.

Click here for .Stations and Schedules


Dallas Farmers Market

Location: 1010 S. Pearl Expy.
Price: FREE (unless you buy stuff)
When: 7 Days 8:00am-5:00pm except for Wednesday (Weekends are best, though.)

This is always a fun trip whether you need groceries or not. Farmers, artisans, artists and vendors from all walks of culinary life gather here to sell their beautiful foods and produce in “The Shed”. Nothing like trying to start your healthy-eating kick by being surrounded by all the organic meat, cheeses, veggies, and hand-made treats you can imagine. Dallas Farmers Market is open every day but Wednesday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. We suggest going early Friday-Sunday to get a better selection that hasn’t been picked over.  Believe it or not, this frequently turns into a a full day of fun.



Location: Downtown to SMU
Price: FREE
When: Always

Take a walk, jog, or bike along this beautiful pedestrian trail that runs through the heart of Dallas. The Katy Trail was once an eyesore of unused railroad tracks that were converted in the early 2000’s.   On a pretty day, walk along the trail and take a minute (but probably a few hours) to cool off at the Katy Trail Ice House with a cold Texas beer on the patio. Which brings us to our next item on the list…



Location: All Over Dallas
Price: Depends on what you’re drinkin’
When: Always

This may seem a very general suggestion, but when you are in a city that has arguably the best weather in the world, you take full advantage of the afternoons into the evenings sitting out on a bar patio. There are so many divine bar-yards in this town, many with breathtaking views of our Iconic Skyline. Some of our favorites are this aforementioned Katy Trail Ice House, Bar Belmont or Smoke at the Belmont Hotel, Lee Harvey’s and the Foundry to name a few.



Location: 1717 North Harwood in Downtown
Price: FREE
When: 11am-5pm (till 9pm on Thurs) Closed Monday

In most cities, the one thing that stops me and most of the other people I know from visiting the fine art museum is Dallas Museum Of Art I have to shell out about $35 or so. In January, it  became the first art museum in the country to offer free admission to everyone. It’s nice to put some pants on every once in a while and get some culture.


Location: 650 S. R. L. Thornton Frwy in South Dallas
Price: $15 Adults, $12 Childrens
When: 9am – 5pm

Oh, so you’ve been to the zoo before? When you were 12, huh?  WRONG!  You have NOT been to this zoo. There are always new things at the zoo, and significant changes and additions have recently been made, especially if it’s been a few years. The Dallas Zoo is awesome, and pretty wallet-friendly as far as zoos go. The Giants of the Savannah area is worth the admission price alone, but the largest zoo in Texas has so much more to offer. This was fun as a child, but going back as an adult is so much better.  Go check out the dinosaurs in Giants of the Jurrassic. Also, go on the monorail tour. It takes you on a tour of the whole zoo and gives you an aerial view of a lot of the animals enclosures and it’s awesome for all ages.


Location: 8525 Garland Road on White Rock Lake
Price: $15
When:7 Days 9am-5pm

This is one of those things that you hesitate to go to because you think, “Well, I can see flowers anywhere…” Not so true. Every time I go to the Arboretum, I end up staying till it closes and I’m always happy I did. It is so much more than a glorified flower garden. Art exhibits, live concerts, and the Children’s Adventure Garden (my favorite place to start) make the Arboretum a perfect place to spend a free day.  Trying to impress someone?  Yes, you are.  This is a perfect place for a date.  Dallas Arboretum is romantic and exciting.  Do this: spend a few hours walking around, then open up your backpack and say, “Oh! I forgot I had this blanket and this cheese and crackers, and this bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafitte in here!”  Why not you live once.


Bishop Arts District

Location: West of I35 in Oak Cliff
Price: FREE (unless you spend money)
When: It exists always.

A day, an afternoon, or an evening spent walking around the Bishop Arts District is a day well wasted. It’s also free… to walk around. There are so many interesting shops, bars, restaurants, as well as great people watching, however, you’re probably definitely going to want to shell out for a little piece of the “Williamsburg of Dallas”.


Six Flags

Location: 2201 Road to Six Flags St E, Arlington, TX 76011
Price: $66.99 at the door
When: Check Scheduale

If you have kids (or if you don’t) and you’ve never been, you have to go. At least once.  Sorry, but you do.  So far, it’s the most expensive thing on the list, but never pay full price. Buy in advance online and you’ll save $18. and if there’s ANY way you think you’ll go more than once in a year, get the season pass for $10 more and it includes free parking.  For a full list of attractions, make sure to check out Thing to do At Six Flags.


AT&T Stadium

Location: One AT&T Way
Price: $17.50 – Adult Self guided tour
When: 10-6pm Mon-Sat, 11-5pm Sun

Take a tour of AT&T Stadium, home of America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. The largest domed structure in the world. Also, make sure to bring a football or frisbee. At the end of the tour, walk out of the locker room through the tunnel and play on the field for as long as you want… Until you win.


Dallas World Aquarium

Location: 1801 N. Griffin Street in Downtown
Price: $20.95 – Adults
When: 9am-5pm 7 Days

Whether you’re an adult, or a child, the aquarium is just plain fun for the whole family. Check out this Dallas must-see and be prepared to have birds flying past your head and monkeys climbing on the walls. Oh ya, also there’s cool fish.

Check out the Dallas World Aquarium for more info.


RL's Blues Palace

Location: 3100 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75215
Price: $10 – Cover BYOB
When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Evenings

A few blocks away from Fair Park sits a south Dallas jewel and a D-Town staple. R.L.’s has been around for a quarter century and is THE juke joint destination for blues, r&b, and soul. Bring your own booze and food, your dancing shoes, and be prepared get your mind blown. We recommend going on Saturday night around 8 and make sure not to miss the “Hen Dance”.



Location: 2200 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75201
Price: FREE
When: Weekdays 8am – 5pm

Walk through the South lobby of the Chase Tower in downtown and catch the elevator to the 40th floor to feast your eyes on one of the most spectacular views of Dallas. FOR FREE!!


Top Golf Driving Bay

Location: 8787 Park Lane
Price: $20/hour for up to 6 people
When: 9am-11pm (‘till 1am Fri-Sat)

Even for the non-golfer, Top Golf is a great way to spend your day. The food is hot and the beer is cold. The digital driving range has a number of different games to choose from for both avid golfers and first timers. Rent out a bay for up to six friends or check out the 54-hole minigolf course and batting cages.

Visit Top Golf for more information.


Fountain place

Location: 1445 Ross Avenue in Downtown
Price: FREE
When: All day long

At the base of Fountain Place (the iconic prism shaped building in Downtown) there is a spectacular water garden featuring over 350 fountain heads and multiple pools that sit in the shade provided by the many cyprus trees that grow out of the pools that surround the building. If you are walking around Downtown Dallas and need a place to cool down, this is a perfect place to do it. Go grab some lunch at one of the food trucks parked nearby and enjoy it in the shade next to the fountains.


Klyde Warren Park

Location: 2012 Woodall Rogers Fwy
Price: FREE
When: 6am-11pm daily

It’s a huge park over a huge freeway. With WIFI.  What!?!? But it’s so much more than a park with WIFI over a highway. With a gastropub, a dog park, a children’s playground, and live music on the stage every Thursday, it’s a great way to enjoy being outside in the middle of Downtown Dallas.

11am-3pm  For Food Trucks!


The Truck Yard

Location: 5624 Sears St. on Lower Greenville
Price: depends on what you’re drinkin’
When: 11am-12am

The Truck Yard is one of the best all day drinking experiences one can have. Think of an adult playground, with beer and stuff, live music on the flatbed truck stage, and a treehouse with craft bottled cocktails. This truly is one of my favorite places to park it all day with a group of friends. The Truck Yard also features different food trucks everyday. Check out The Truck Yardon their website to see which trucks will be there. Also, you can bring your dog or your significant other. Which ever one fetches be


Keller's Hamburgers

Location: 6537 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75231
Price: $2.20 for a burger and up
When: 10:30am-10:30pm

This vintage car-hop has not changed at all since the 50’s. Come on the weekends and check out some vintage muscle cars, hot rods, and motorcycles all enjoying delicious burgers and ice cold beer, in their CARS. Yes, at this classic hamburger joint you can still order beer and enjoy it in your car while stuffing your face with one of the juiciest burgers in Dallas. Get the #5 with tater-tots and wash it down with a cold one.


Big Tex

Location: 3921 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX 75210
Price: General Admission – $18
When:Check Here

Although this is a seasonal activity it’s a must for this list. The State Fair of Texas is the biggest state fair in the country and is filled with tons of cool things to do for the whole family.  More importantly, it’s the Mecca for all things deep fried!  It can be overwhelming trying to find the coolest activities to do there so be sure to check out their list of top 10 things to do each day of the Fair.  Don’t forget to say hello to Big Tex for us.



pond at Fair Park

Location: 1121 First Avenue, Dallas, TX 75210
Price: Free (Depending on Activity)
When: All Day

Fair Park hosts the state fair every year, and regardless if you’re in town for it or not for it, there’s plenty cool things to do on the grounds. There’s tons of culture and history in this park and a few of our favorites include the murals in the Hall of State, The Woofus, and the Leonhardt Lagoon. Click Here to see all the other fun things to do in Fair Park!


Location:300 Reunion Blvd East
Price: Adults – $16, Children – $8
When: 11am-9pm Sun-Thurs, ‘till 10pm Fri-Sat

The Ball Tower. The Lollipop Building. The Big Microphone. You know the one we’re talking about. Go to check out the Dallas skyline from arguably the most iconic part of it. Visiting the top of Reunion Tower it provides a 360 degree view of Dallas and the rest of the Metroplex. Grab a bite to eat while you’re up there at Cloud Nine, or stay for dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurant, Five Sixty.


trinity groves, dallas

Location: Singleton Blvd on the West Side of the MHH Bridge
Price: Free
When: Anytime

Trinity Groves is located just on the West side of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (the big white bridge on Woodall Rogers). It serves as an incubator for startup businesses and restaurants and other fun shops.  With restaurants, reatil shops, and Four Corners Brewery, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied all day.  The giant patio out has amazing views of the skyline.  Make sure to grab some local beers and bites from our friends at L U C K.


White Rock Paddling Co.

Location: 315 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218
Price: Single Rides $14.99/Hr – Tandem $20/Hr
When: Wed-Sun 10am-Sundown

Grab your family or a couple friends and head to White Rock Lake to enjoy this beautiful urban oasis smack dab in the middle of Dallas. White Rock Paddle offers canoe and kayak rentals and we definitely recommend taking one out so you can soak in the view from the middle of the lake. There are plenty of places to picnic so remember to bring some nibbles and don’t forget your sunblock!



Dragon Statue

Location: 3520 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219
Price: FREE
When: 6am-9pm

This hidden treasure in Oak Lawn is a cozy and charming place to come and relax your mind. Mediate amongst the mythical statue creatures and admire the beautiful foliage while picnicking with friends or getting lost in a book.



Location: 13350 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75240
Price: Admission – $10 , Skate Rentals – $3
When: Mon-Thurs 10am-10pm , Fri 10am-11:30pm, Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

Who doesn’t like strapping thin blades on your feet and whirling around on the ice in the middle of a mall? Ok I’m sure there are people out there who would rather people watch and secretly hope someone falls. Good thing the mall is filled with plenty of places to watch, eat, and shop!



Location: 1530 Inspiration Dr, Dallas TX 75207
Price: $50
When: See Dallas Brew Bus for tour schedules

Drinking beer all day while riding around on a big yellow school bus is the best way to relive your middle school glory days. Brought to you by our friends at Dallas Brew Scene, $50 gets you a seat on the bus, complimentary beer samples at each brewery (3 breweries TBD), a snack from the culinary wizards at LUCK, and a commemorative beer snifter. Don’t forget to bring cash for the food trucks at each brewery. Be sure to book your tickets ahead of time because they sell out quickly.


Hiking the Trinity

Location: Check Guides Here to see different trails.
Price: FREE
When: Anytime

It’s astonishing to see how preserved and beautiful this primitive, untouched wilderness is within a stone’s throw of Downtown Dallas. Take a hike and see where decades of indians, outlaws, and folk heroes once roamed. Our favorite trails are the McCommas Bluff Preserve Trail, the Lower White Rock Creek Valley Trail, and the ghost neighborhood of Floral Farms.


West End Night Market

Location: 2200 N. Record St., Dallas 75202
Price: Depends on your self control
When: 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month – 9pm Friday-2pm Saturday

At Woodall Rogers plaza in the West End under the bridge at McKinney Ave and Lamar street an all night sidewalk sale takes place twice a month. You can find all different sorts of great deals but the best time to shop is either right when the vendors open their booth around 9 on Friday, or when they are packing up at around 2 on Saturday. Remember to bring cash because some vendors might not accept cards.


grassy knoll

Location: 411 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202
Price: Free
When: Sixth Floor Museum – 10am-6pm ; Old Red Meseum  9am-5pm

This might be one of the more “touristy” things to do on this list, but there’s no shame in brushing up on some Dallas history. Conduct your own investigation of the JFK assassination on the Grassy Knoll after visiting the Sixth Floor Museum. Wrap things up by learning everything you need to know about Dallas’ roots in the Romanesque facade that was once the Dallas County Courthouse.



Location: 3524 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206
Price:  Varies depending on Event
When: Check the Granada’s schedule

This historical theater located on Lower Greenville in the heart of Dallas was originally built in 1946 as a movie theater and then converted to a live music venue in 1977.  The interior of the theater features hand painted art deco murals and the outside boasts an iconic, forty-foot neon marquee which is well known throughout Dallas.  Don’t feel bad if no one is playing the weekend you’re here, they show classic movies for $3 and drink specials on nights no band is in town.


Bird Sanctuary

Location: UT Southwestern Medical Center Campus
Price: FREE
When: Every spring through Summer

The south campus of UT Southwestern in Dallas has been home to a 4-acre wildlife preserve with over 70 species of majestic birds since 1938. Every spring through summer birds return to lay eggs and raise their young. It’s astonishing to see so many different species of birds nesting so close to downtown just yards from an interstate and constant helicopter traffic. You don’t have to be an avid bird watcher to enjoy the experience at this rookery.


Longhorn Statue

Location: 1428 Young St, Dallas, TX 75272
Price: FREE
When: Anytime

Pioneer Plaza is located in front of the convention center and it’s a great spot to begin your public art walk through downtown Dallas (Klyde Warren park is also a good starting point). The ArtWalk is a free 3.3 mile self-guided tour that highlights thirty pieces of art and architecture in the Arts District. You can burn some calories while you appreciate some great public art. The map and audio guide are available here.



the buzz bike

Location: Anywhere-ish!!
Price: depends on how many people
When: Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm, Sat 10-10pm, Sun 12-10pm

This is truly the ultimate outdoor drinking experience. The Buzz Bike is a bicycle that seats between 8 and 16 people that also happens to be a mobile Pub! Ya, I know! Right?! On a weekday, prices can start at $10/person per hour depending on how many people you have with you. This is going to be something that you’ll want to book in advance to get a good time and route, also to round up your drinking crew and build up your stamina.

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Apartments In Dallas, Reasons to Rent Continue to Multiply

Dallas home prices continue to soar, while rent prices are softening, prompting more and more apartment-dwellers to stay put.


Dallas Renters hottest neighborhoods may finally get some much-needed relief. Developers continue to flock to hot neighborhoods in Downtown/Uptown to Addison. In fact, these neighborhoods comprise about half of the 10,000 new units expected to deliver in the Dallas metro area in 2015. However, the pace of new supply is beginning to outpace demand, and competition for tenants is heating up. Because of this, vacancy rates in Downtown/Uptown and Addison shot up by 10.2 percent and 9.3 percent year over year, respectively. Meanwhile, rent prices in these neighborhoods have increased by only 3 percent and 2 percent, respectively — far below the citywide average increase of 6 percent.  For bargain hunters, move-in incentives are on the rebound as well. In Downtown/Uptown and Addison, 60 percent of apartments built since 2014 are offering prospective residents one-month of free rent on at least one floor plan.  Stiff competition is forcing developers to get creative and triggering a spike in studio construction. In the frenzy of new supply, developers have been upping the ante on amenities in order to set their properties apart from ever-growing competition. Anyone who’s seen Uptown’s terraced infinity pool with views of the Rockies and the downtown skyline can attest to this. But with affordability becoming a growing concern, some developers are taking a different approach. Taylor Residential at RiNo building is on track to be completed by mid-2016, and more than half of its 270 units will be studios, targeting 20-somethings who would otherwise be priced out of new buildings in the Downtown area. RMM & Taylor partnership’s conversion of the former VQ Hotel in West Dallas is set to open this Fall and employs a similar strategy — 168 of the building’s 179 units will be 339-square foot studios. The mere size of these units is representative of yet another trend emerging both in Dallas and nationwide. Not only are developers building more studios than ever before; they’re also making them smaller. By shifting their focus to studio construction, and building smaller, more creatively-spaced units, developers are able to provide prospective renters with the location and building attributes they want, at a price they can better afford.

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If your local or new try all them out!

Dallas City Guide

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To Eat:

  • Javier’s
  • Neighborhood Services
  • Mi Cocina
  • Shin Sei
  • Toulouse
  • Le Bilboquet
  • Hatties
  • The Mansion
  • Lark on the Park
  • Hopdoddy

To Drink:

  • The Mansion
  • Corner Bar
  • Cigar Lounge at Javier’s
  • Inwood Tavern
  • Monkey Bar
  • 31 Lounge
  • Old Monk
  • Standard Pour
  • SoSo’s
  • Kung Fu Saloon

To Shop:

  • Neiman Marcus Flagship
  • Highland Park Village
  • NorthPark Mall
  • 4510
  • Elements Boutique

To See:

  • Highland Park Village
  • Klyde Warren Park
  • JFK Museum
  • Cowboys Stadium
  • Perot Museum
  • Nasher Sculpter Center

To Stay:

  • The Mansion Hotel
  • The Joule
  • The Ritz Carlton
  • The Rosewood Crescent

To Brunch:

  • Taverna
  • Le Bilboquet
  • Bistro 31
  • Company Cafe
  • Villa O
  • Toulouse

To Work-Out:

  • Terlingo Indoor Cycling
  • Cycle, Run, or Walk along the Katy Trail
  • Cycle, Run, or Walk along White Rock Lake
  • Learn More
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Core Purpose Of Hiring Any Movers

IMG_4371-8Core Purp0se Of Hiring Any Movers

What does a simple three letter word like why really mean? Why does it matter? Although simple by most accounts asking yourself “why” in business should be the cornerstone for your business’s existence.

RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE® recently re-looked at this question in hopes of refreshing our core purpose. Why do we do what we do? Why is RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE® in business? Several years back, our organization asked this question and came up with our original core purpose: “To be a role model in our industry”. This was fitting at the time. When you think moving, movers or the moving industry, it doesn’t necessarily conger up warm and fuzzy thoughts.  Unfortunately, our industry is rife with unlicensed groups trying to take advantage of others.  So back then, to be a role model was definitely something to shoot for in helping to overcome this perception. Over the past several months, we have re-looked at our brand, our vision and our purpose.  It was evident our purpose was missing the human element of what we do.

We looked at what our staff does every day. We looked at the community outreach that is so important to us, and the locations that give back as part of their daily efforts. We looked at our customers and what they say about our service (yes even when things don’t go as planned), and finally, we looked at where we want to take this brand.  We realize each and every day that we have an opportunity to make someone’s day and get them through a potentially tough situation. Let’s face it, moving is not easy and is typically full of emotions that elevate our stress levels.  Our job at RELIABLE MOVERS & MORE® is to pull up each day to someone’s driveway or business and put a smile on their face, reduce this stress and make the move go as smoothly as possible, no matter what the customer’s situation.

But our brand is much more than just customer service.  The growth we have experienced and the positive service metrics we receive are a testament to that. This reflects our old purpose and through the early years of taking care of customers one move at a time, we lived up to that purpose. As we have evolved and grown and where our company is today, it is much more than just the customer experience. It is also the experience within our organization, the passion of our employees, the sheer number of people whom may have started as a mover or customer service representative that are now business owners as franchisees.

This is energizing and really shapes the passion that exists under this brand!

Through a purpose exercise it hit us smack dab between the eyes. We wake up every day truly to move people forward. Whether it’s our customers, communities, employees or the general public; our driving passion is to leverage our brand to help people progress and this will continue to fuel our drive to grow and continue to build a sustainable brand for future generations to come.

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Nick Foster Ceo

Nick Foster Founder


Making Moving Memorable For Your Children

 Leaving the familiar can be tough on the psyche for anyone, but for a child it can be traumatic. The only bedroom they’ve ever known might be what they are letting go, so identifying ways to ensure your child’s experience is a positive one is easier than you might expect.

Our Movers are encouraged to meet the child at his or her level, while still working. Once a kid feels comfortable with the people who are hired to move the family, the anxiety is diffused and the child is more apt to join in the adventure.

Here are five key thoughts to consider if you’re moving with small ones:

1) Harness the good in change, and frame the move as a grand adventure. Plan a fun event after the move is complete. Go to the movies or go camping (camping inside or in the backyard is always an option too and doesn’t cost much.)

2) Remove the unknown by planning ahead. Keep the move a daily topic, especially as the move nears. You’ll pick up on anxiety triggers allowing you to head off potential issues.

3) Pack special toys in a carry-on that never leaves the child’s side. Keeping their favorite things close is a sure-fire way to curry comfort and reduce anxiety.

4) Make introductions to strangers on move day.

5) Take advantage of opportunities to be inclusive with your children. Many kids just want to have place in the process. There are opportunities abound that give them a role while keeping them out of the fray. Ensure their special tasks are safe but rewarding.

If you and your chosen Movers handle your children’s experience with TLC, your move will be memorable for all the right reasons.

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